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Authentic Mexican Food

Location: 50 Don Meliton Ave Clarkview, Angeles City, Luzon 2009, Philippines.
Operation Hour: 11am – 10:30pm
Details: If you crave mexican foods this is the place to be.

Iguanas Menu


Chips & Salsa(₱105) – Great side dish  for tequila and beer choice of mild and spicy salsa.

Quesadilla(₱180) – Lightly grilled flour tortilla, filled with imported cheese, onions & Jalapenos.

Irish Nachos(Small: ₱145 | Large: ₱230)  Great snack idea stolen from carlos murphy’s of San Diego – A mound of french friend with cheese sauce & chili con carne.

Toquitos(₱150) – Rolled and deep fried spiced chicken or beef. Think of Mexican lumpia.

Baja Pizza(Small: ₱260 | Large: ₱320) – A toasred floar tortilla topped with chicken, pico de gallo, baja sauce and melted cheese.

Nachos(₱175) – Corn tortilla chips top with rich cheddar cheese sauce, jalapenos & ripe olives.

Quesadilla Supreme(₱250) – Choice of Beef or Chicken.

Chili Con Carne(Small: ₱140 | Large: ₱190) – Originally a texas dish this `Border Favorite` is served with side of diced onions & shredded Cheese.


Tortilla Soup(₱150) – A delicious combination of chicken broth, vegetable & spices ladled over tortilla strips. Muy Bueno.

Mayan Bean Soup(₱120) – Our special bean broth, made with fresh kidney beans & spices.

Chicken Enchilada Soup(₱130)  The name says it all.

Main Course:

Machaca(₱250) – For late morning starters or those easing out of hangover. Two eggs scrambled and mixed with seasoned shredded beef, onions, peppers & dried cilantro, served with rice, beans & flour tortillas.

Tacos(₱200) – Two large tacos with a tasty sauce-choice of spiced beef or chicken, served on a crispy corn shell or a soft fresh tortilla. Topped with tomato, lettuce & cheese.

Tacos Platter(₱250) – Served with Mexi-rice & Beans.

Tacos Baja(Fish Tacos)(₱270) – Fresh dorado dipped in a lite beer batter deep fried and served with cabbage slaw, salsa and wrapped in a fresh corn tortilla. Brought to your table with mexi-rice & bens- you’ll swear you are in rosarita.

Carne Asada Tacos(₱300) – Same delicious carne asada beef in a taco from with soft(recommended) or hard tortillas. Served with mexican rice and choice of beans.

Burritos(Cheese & Bean: ₱210 | Cheese & Beef: ₱240 | Cheese & Chicken: ₱230 | Enchilada Style: ₱30) – Two meaty burritos wrapped in fresh flour tortillas.

Burritos Platter(₱75) – Served with Mexi-rice & Beans.

Carne Asada Burro(₱320) – A grilled steak bits, pico de gallo and cheese, rolled in flour tortilla with a side of rice and beans.

Baja Burro(₱300) – Spiced beef or chicken wrapped in a floar tortilla deep fried and topped with our tangy white sauce, includes rice and beans.

Veggie Burrito(₱300) – For those a bit more health conscious, our large burrito filled with tasty seasoned vegetables. rice, beans cheese and sour cream.

Faheeta Boreeta(₱300) – Marinated beef, pork or chicken strips grilled and rolled burrito-style with mexi-rice, sour cream, peppers & onions into a fresh flour tortilla and served with borracho beans and salsa.

Chimichanga(₱290) – Delicious idea invented by Woody Johnson of macayos of phoenix when he accidentally drop a burrito into deep fat fryer and a star was born, choice of chicken or beef smothered in red sauce, rice and beans.

Enchiladas(Cheese: ₱200 | Chicken: ₱225 | Beef: ₱235) – `South of the border` favorite two enchiladas. seasoned with chicken with fresh corn tortillas & our homemade sauce served with re-fried, or borracho beans, & choice of steamed or Mexican rice.

Enchiladas Del Norte(₱250) – Our favorite-fresh flour tortillas stuffed with seasoned Mex-rice and your choice of re-fried, or borracho beans.

Fajita Quesaldilla(₱330) – A folded flour tortilla with marinated grilled beef or chicken fajita strips, cheese, onions and bell peppers, served with your choice of re-fried beans or borracho beans and Mexican or steam rice.

Fajita(₱390) – Grilled strips of marinated beef, pork or chicken brought sizzling to your table with Mex-rice and grilled peppers, served with flours tortillas, salsa & sour cream.

Chili Zapata(₱290) – Our special `Award Winning`. all meat chili served with fresh flour tortillas, borracho beans & Mexi-rice.

Chicken Mexicana(₱270) – Grilled breast of chicken lightly seasoned and topped with melted cheddar cheese and your choice of salsa or BBQ sauce, served with borracho beans & choice of rice.

Mahi-Mahi De Baja(₱350) – Succulent dorado steak, lightly marinated then lava grilled & topped with zesty garlic sauce. Best seafood dish this side of Ensenada.

Puerco Vera Cruz(₱260) – Marinated pork tenderloin sauteed, covered with our homemade sauce & served with borracho beans and Mexi-rice.

Gringo Burger(Regular: ₱165 | With Cheese: ₱185) – `North of the border` standard delicious spiced ground beef, grilled to perfection & served on a fresh bun, with lettuce & tomato, served with french fries.

Combination Plate(Choice of Two: ₱290 | Choice of Three: ₱350 | Grande: ₱400) – Served with a mayan bean soup, re-fried or borranco beans & choice of steamed or Mexi-rice.



Corona – ₱150
San Mig-Light – ₱65
San Mig-Zero – ₱65
San Mig-Apple – ₱65
San Mig-Lemon – ₱65


Pitcher – ₱190
Strawberry – ₱225
Rumrita – ₱130


Coke – ₱45
Coke In Can – ₱55 
Coke Light – ₱55 

Sprite – ₱45 

Sprite In Can – ₱55 
Coke Zero – ₱55 
Orange Can – ₱55
Battled Water – ₱35 
Iced Tea – ₱50


Local Mix:

Rum – ₱75
Vodka – ₱75
Gin – ₱75



Strawberry – ₱140
Pineapple – ₱140
Pinacolada – ₱140


Tomato – ₱60
Pineapple – ₱60 
Orange – ₱60 
Mango – ₱60



Cuervo Silver – ₱105
Cuervo Gold – ₱105
Cuervo 1800
Silver – ₱210
Reposado – ₱220
Anejo – ₱350

Non- Alcoholics:

Virgin Colada – ₱100
Virgin Daiquiris – ₱100
Virgin Margarita – ₱100


Virgin Colada – ₱30
Virgin Daiquiris – ₱45
Corkage – ₱550

Ace Racer Motorcycle Trading
Motorcycle Cafe Workshop

Location: 6, Malabanias Road, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga Philippines
Operation Hour: 7am – 11pm
Details: We provide high-end service and maintenance to all motorcycle enthusiast and ordinary rider.